Estate Law

Many folks delay planning their affairs until it is too late. Don’t be a statistic. Putting your estate plans in place early gives you the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be followed. It can also save your estate tens of thousands of dollars by minimizing the likelihood of litigation against your estate regarding the validity of your Will/Powers of Attorney and regarding the interpretation of your estate planning documents.

Estate administration is a process fraught with pitfalls for the executor (estate trustee), whether the deceased died with or without a Will. Let Shayna help you navigate this process to minimize your personal exposure to liability and to ensure that you have peace of mind when the administration process has been concluded.

Sometimes, litigation is necessary, whether because the validity of a Will/Power of Attorney is questionable or because estate funds/property have been misappropriated by an executor/attorney for property. On occasion, the necessary litigation may not be adversarial, such as may be seen with a passing of accounts or with a guardianship application. Whether adversarial or unopposed, let Shayna advocate for you to ensure that you are able to put forward the strongest case available for your situation and to maximize the chance of a favourable finding by a Court.

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