How Beeksma Law Uses Technology for a Better Client Experience

Disclaimer: This article on finding a lawyer in Ontario is intended for the purposes of providing information only and is to be used only for the purposes of guidance. This article is not intended to be relied upon as the giving of legal advice and does not purport to be exhaustive.

When you are looking for an attorney, what is the most important thing to you? Is it the size of their office? What about their location or hours of operation? At Beeksma Law, we know that none of these things matter if you’re not getting results!

That’s why at Beeksma Law, we have embraced technology and integrated it into our practice. This blog post will discuss some ways that we use cutting-edge technology to create a better client experience!

Seamless Service

We have been using technology and modernizing our practice well before the COVID-19 pandemic began. However, we saw some real benefits during this tumultuous time.

Many of our clients wanted to avoid face-to-face contact as much as possible and to be honest, so did we! Meeting virtually allowed us to have face-to-face discussions with our clients without risking anyone’s safety. 

Also, we were able to continue serving our clients by using technology-based tools. When the lockdowns first began, our firm was prepared to continue business as usual with minimal interruptions. 

We had already invested in many technological efficiencies, including video conferencing equipment and cloud-based data storage. Our investments paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to continue serving our clients without interruption of service or risk of infection.

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Client Convenience

Imagine you are buying your first home and need to visit your lawyer’s office at least twice during business hours. That would involve taking at least 2-3 hours off for a one-hour appointment, depending on how far you are from your lawyer’s offices.

Logging into a virtual meeting reduces that time to minutes.  Our clients do not have to worry about fighting traffic, finding parking and losing valuable time to be able to receive sound legal advice.

As well, since the process is so simple, our clients are in a better frame of mind to truly understand our advice and make sound decisions.  Stress limits our ability to make wise choices so anything that we can do to remove that stress is very important.

Increased Access to Legal Advice

While our office is located in Hamilton, we have clients all across Ontario.

For those in remote communities, access to legal advice may be limited. A modern law firm that embraces technology opens up options to our clients. At Beeksma Law, we strongly believe that everyone should have access to legal advice.  Leveraging the online tools available opens the doors across Ontario.

Lower Overhead

An office is expensive. There’s the space itself, furniture, utilities,  supplies, maintenance, and the list goes on.

You can put more funds to work for the company or client when you have fewer overhead expenses. While many law firms still operate solely at an office, we’ve decided that keeping our overhead low was worth it when it meant better service for our clients.

Again, this is part of our pledge to ensure that legal services are accessible to as many as possible.

However, you may wonder if an electronically signed document has the same weight and legality as one signed in person.

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Electronic Signatures

The short answer is, yes. Electronic signatures are governed by the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act (ECA). The law defines them as “electronic information that a person creates or adopts in order to sign a document and that is in, attached to or associated with the document.” 

In most circumstances, an electronic signature is just as valid and legal as a “wet signature” or one made in person. As with anything, there are certain circumstances that require special consideration. We will address the use of electronic signatures in a future article.

Shayna Beeksma, Beeksma Law, a lawyer in Ontario and her team that embraces technology to better service our clients

Finding a lawyer in Ontario

At Beeksma Law, excellence is our minimum standard. That means that we keep working with new tools, adapt to changing circumstances and leverage technology to provide the best service.

If you are looking for a lawyer in Ontario, and would like to learn more and see the difference for yourself, book a call here.

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