Do you understand your commercial lease agreement?

breaking your commercial lease agreement in Ontario

Disclaimer: This article on commercial lease agreement in Ontario is intended for the purposes of providing information only and is to be used only for the purposes of guidance. This article is not intended to be relied upon as the giving of legal advice and does not purport to be exhaustive.

Our office has been receiving more and more inquiries recently relating to commercial leasing disputes.  This is to be expected to some extent – after all, we are in a recession – and we want to make sure that all of our clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to their leases.

Of course, every situation and lease is unique. If you would like to discuss your lease, please get in touch with our office as soon as possible. We are well-versed in commercial tenant law, and we can provide you with advice and guidance on how to proceed.

Your Commerical Lease Agreement in Ontario

Many landlords reach out to us because they are having significant difficulties with their tenants, such as their tenants defaulting on rent or not following the terms of their lease. What are your options?

Well, what does your lease say? Generally speaking, your lease is going to be your ground zero. If you have a well-prepared lease, you have more options. On the other hand, if you do not have a strongly worded, clear, and enforceable lease, you have fewer options. 

The reality is that there are not a lot of protections under common law or in the legislation, specifically the Commercial Tenancies Act. Your lease is your best form of protection. We cannot overstate it enough: if you are not sure if your lease will protect you from a difficult tenant, you do not want to wait until there is an issue to find out.

Most savvy commercial landlords have an exceedingly good lease that gives them all the rights and “hold the cards,” so to speak. So what does that mean for tenants?

Signing a commercial lease as a tenant

You may be so excited to find the perfect space for your growing business that you are ready to sign anything. However, you need to ensure that the terms of the lease protect you and your business as much as possible.

You have rights as a tenant, but if you sign away those rights when you sign your lease, then you cannot avail yourself of the remedies provided for in the Commercial Tenancies Act. You must understand what you are signing and the lease must be able to also serve your interests.

That is where we come in. Before you sign your rights away, talk to our team. Too often, we see great businesses with their hands tied by a landlord-provided lease, and we do not want that for you. We can help you understand what the terms really mean and negotiate the terms that will hold your business back.

Protecting your interests with Beeksma Law

At Beeksma Law, our comprehensive experience covers both sides of the table. For landlords,  we can help with drafting and enforcing your leases. For tenants, our experience helps to ensure that your rights are protected while you sign a lease.

We believe in empowering our clients. When you are armed with knowledge, you can make informed decisions that are in the best interests of your business. We clearly explain the law and ensure you understand what is at stake before signing on the dotted line. Book a call with our team today – we are happy to hear from you!

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