Estates, Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney

Many persons delay in planning their affairs until it is too late.

Don’t be a statistic. Putting your estate plans in place early gives you the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be followed. It can also save your estate tens of thousands of dollars by minimizing the likelihood of litigation against your estate regarding the validity of your Will/Powers of Attorney and regarding the interpretation of your estate planning documents.

Estates and trusts law is the main area of practice at our firm.  Shayna Beeksma alone has over ten years’ of experience in estates and trusts law.

Given our significant estate litigation practice, the lawyers at Beeksma Law draft our clients’ Wills and Powers of Attorney defensively, in order to minimize the likelihood of litigation, let alone successful litigation.  From graduated trusts to spousal trusts to alter ego trusts to disability trusts to pet trusts, to business wills, we ensure that all of the required (and advisable) planning is in place to accomplish your wishes and protect your hard-earned assets after you pass away (or after you are unable to make decisions for yourself).

As for estate administration, it is a process fraught with pitfalls for the executor (estate trustee), whether the deceased died with or without a Will. Additionally, beneficiaries can be frustrated by delays or a lack of responses from the executor.  Let Beeksma Law help you navigate this process to (if you are an executor) minimize your personal exposure to liability, and, whether you are an executor or a beneficiary, ensure that you have peace of mind when the administration process has been concluded.

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