Family Law

At the start of a long-term romantic relationship, there are often considerations and issues that should be put into a contract to ensure peace of mind for both partners.

If it is an impending marriage, then, depending on the assets of one or both partners, a pre-nuptial agreement may be advisable or even required.

If it is a common-law relationship, then a co-habitation agreement is (generally) highly recommended as these relationship are often fraught with risk due to a lack of protections (as compared to married couples) under the laws of Ontario.

Whichever of these contractual needs apply to a couple, the team at Beeksma Law is well-equipped to handle them so that these couples can have peace of mind moving forward into their new lives together.

On the other end, unfortunately, there comes a point in life for many persons where a marriage or common-law relationship is at an end. Where the former partners are keen on avoiding litigation and on resolving their dispute as amicably as possible, we have the knowledge and experience to assist them with uncontested divorces and (for former common-law couples) separation agreements, so that they can each move on with their lives sooner and with a fraction of the expense (and delay), associated with protracted litigation.

For clarity, we do not offer services in family law litigation but we have excellent family law litigation lawyers in our network that we can refer you to if needed.

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