Hortense A. Fraser


Hortense is an Associate lawyer with Beeksma Law. Hortense’s practice focuses on the areas of estate and capacity law (all aspects), civil litigation, family law, and corporate and commercial law (including commercial leasing).  She has represented individual interests in estate disputes, real estate disputes, contract disputes, provincial offences and municipal disputes – appearing at the Superior Courts, including the Small Claims Court level, the Ontario Court of Justice as well as before the Ontario Land Tribunal. Hortense has also participated in negotiations and settlement discussions on behalf of her valued clients.

Hortense obtained her law degree from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, where she graduated with Honors. Upon immigrating to Canada, she successfully went through the Canadian accreditation process and completed the Ontario Bar examinations in 2020. She was a Law Practice Program (LPP) candidate with Ryerson University. As part of the LPP program, in January 2021, Hortense completed her four months of in-person legal training with Beeksma Law. She was employed as an Associate following her training and after being called to the Bar in May 2021. 

Hortense’s friends and family would in one word describe her as tenacious.  Her bosses, previous and current would describe her as zealous and dedicated. Hortense’s secret sauce – she first and foremost listens to the client; she then tries to understand the client’s needs, both legal and non-legal; and then she zealously advocates.  Hortense lives by the mantra, do unto others as you would have them to unto you. Accordingly, Hortense strives to represent all her clients, exactly the way she would wish to be represented.

Hortense is a former lecturer, and a current member of the Board of the Affiliated Services for Children and youth (ASCY). Hortense loves life, loves people, and has a passion for the law. Whenever Hortense is not working, you can find her reading a book, playing sports, running, or working out. Hortense may very well be that young lady that you saw running at 6:30 in the morning with the crazy headphones on.