Real Estate and Commercial Leasing

Buying your first house?

Or are you more seasoned and are selling and buying a subsequent home/cottage/farm/land lease/co-op unit/commercial property?

Or are you refinancing on your property?

Or are you considering a title change to real property to assist with estate planning and minimize probate tax? 

Or are you entering into, or negotiating a renewal of, a commercial lease (whether you are the landlord or the tenant)?

Regardless of which of these situations you fall under, a real estate lawyer (and with respect to the commercial leases, a commercial leasing lawyer) is needed to complete the process.

Let Beeksma Law handle your transactions and contract drafting/negotiations, to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free process.

Having litigated transactions that have failed to close (as well as commercial lease situations), Beeksma Law knows what is required to avoid unnecessary exposure to liability, and has the advocacy skills to negotiate the best deal in the circumstances that advances your goals.

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